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Let’s look further than near


After I started blogging, I realized how beautiful nature and art overseas are. Other bloggers tell me scenery and beautiful pictures that I can’t see. I am moved when I see Japanese scenery and nature that I cannot see in everyday life, but I am thrilled to feel something different. If I continue to blog like this, I want to learn things I don’t know about overseas. So I will try to write in English using the translation function (laughs)

可愛いポケモンのピカチュウ。クリスマスプレゼントで任天堂スイッチが欲しい娘。Pokemon Pikachu
pokemon pikachu

My daughter asked Santa for a Nintendo Switch as a Christmas present, so I ordered one online, even though it was still a few months away. She’s been helping out and earning pocket money, but she gave up and she said she’d ask Santa for it too. Although Feels that her father and mother want her to grow up looking far away rather than looking close. You’re trying so hard to keep up with your friends at school about Pokemon. My daughter is cute and I can forgive anything.




I live in a suburb far from the city center of Japan. We introduce photos and hobbies of daily life, and sightseeing spots in Japan.